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Song to The Siren IV by zemotion

I absolute love this photo! The title says "Song to the Siren" but I get more of an emotion that she is singing for us. Her eyes looks ...


This is just a random idea I got, enjoy and sorry for the spelling errors. CX
I looked up at the black-haired girl who was standing at a roof opposite to the palace. Her cloak swayed in the wind and she looked out over what happened to Egypt's capital. My kingdoms capital. Her gaze turned to me and I watched her. The wind swayed her long, black hair and that bang over her face. She rose the staff in her hand and pointed at me and I looked chocked at her when she mimed:
"This is your fault. You have only yourself to blame." I glared at her and turned to the guards.
"Arrest that woman! Now! She is the reason behind this!"
"Yes, pharaoh!" They said and started to run and I turned against her. She looked at me with sad eyes before she turned away and she turned to sand and followed the wind. I looked chocked at the place she just had stood on. She wasn't human! She was with the gods!
"Hear the Lord's words." A soft, female voice said and I turned around. I looked at the woman who looked back at me with calm eyes.
"Who are you?"
"Hear the Lord's words." I looked confused at her and with gracefully steps she walked to me and laid her small hand at my cheek. "Hear the Lord's words, pharaoh. Before your people will suffer more and feel the same suffer my people needed to feel under your rule. That you listen will save them." I looked over her shoulder when I heard guards and then ran into the room. Her hand felled from my face and she turned to face the guards.
"Step away from the pharaoh!" They yelled and pulled out their swords.
"Wait!" I said. "She is with the gods!" They looked at her when she looked at me over her shoulder. She just looked at me before a breeze entered the room and she turned to sand again and disappeared. The guards took a step back in surprise and looked at me but I didn't look back. I just looked at the place she had been on.

I looked out over the city. I needed to listen, for the sake of my people. But who did I listen to? How do I do it?
"My lord?" I looked over my shoulder and saw the priest Ishida.
"Yes?" I turned to him.
"I heard that a woman of sand came to you. Who was she?" I looked over to the wall with the gods.
"I'm not sure. But she isn't human, she is with the gods."
"Did she say anything?" I nod and looked back at him.
"Yes. Hear the Lord's words. But I don't know which one of them." Ishida giggled and I looked confused at him. "What?"
"She is from the Hebrews god, my lord." He let a scroll piece fall to the ground and a picture of her appeared. "Is this her?" I nod. "She is a messenger from the Hebrew god. She wants you to listen to his words." I turned around and looked out over the city.
"Why should I listen at a god who does this to my people?" I asked.
"Because he wants you to let his people go." I sighed and looked at the kids running around, trying to get free from the plague that came down from the sky and up from the earth.
"I want to talk to her again. In front of everyone." I started to walk to the throne room.
"I will do my best to contact her." Ishida smiled.

I looked down at everyone around in the room and waited. Ishida had said she would come. She had answered his prayers. I straightened my back when a wind came in from the room with sand and gathered in the middle of the room and created a whirlwind and when it stopped the sand feel to the floor and the girl opened her eyes and looked at me. Everyone in the room started to mumble and I rose.
"I heard you wanted to talk to me, pharaoh." She said, completely calm.
"Yes. I want to know what the Hebrew god wants to tell me." She nod and placed her staff on the floor and let go of it and to my surprise it stood still on its own. I looked at her when she mumbled something and then I looked at Ishida with a wondering gaze but he looked completely into what she was doing. I turned to her again and saw how a small flame appeared over the staff and she looked at me. She walked past the staff and then turned to it and blew. Everyone feel down on their knees as they got surprised but the blue fire that shot out over the room. I started to walk down but Ishida stopped me.
"She is going to show us something, my lord." I nod and looked at her. She spun around and I couldn't stop myself from thinking that she looked beautiful. The blue fire followed her movements and soon she was closed inside the fire. I looked at it but I didn't feel any heat from it. She walked through it like nothing and she didn't get even one burn mark and her cloth's was just fine.
"T-that's…!" Ishida started so I looked at him.
"You know what that's for kind of fire?" He nod.
"The Hebrew god's fire. It's warm if you touch it but it doesn't hurt you or burn anything if it's not their gods will. But the thing that's worries me is that her eyes are blue like the fire, they were violet before." I turned and looked her in her eyes, he had right.
"I have come through my messenger to tell you my words, young pharaoh." I winched in surprise when I heard the mix of her voice and a male voice.
"Who are you?" I asked and she smiled a little bit.
"I'm that I'm. I'm the god of the Hebrews and my words are: Let my people go. If you don't this cycle of death will continue and your people will keep suffering. Even the Egyptian gods are with me."
"Prove it." I demanded. She pointed out at the sky.
"Ra, darkness for three days. Seth, flying locusts invading your fields. Nut, the rain of fire on the first day. Heket, the frogs from the river that was one of the first signs of the plague. Isis, your peoples sores and boils that appears because of the plagues invasion." She looked at me and let her hand fall. "Shall I continue?" I looked down and shook my head.
"No. How do I stop it? Just through letting the Hebrew go?" She nods.
"Yes. The gods are angry, it's time to release the Hebrews from this slavery. We can do it the hard way or the easy way. It's your choose. When the Hebrews has walked over to the Red sea and has passed it with Rukia's help, the plague and torture that comes with it will stop. It's your move, young pharaoh." I looked up and Ishida ran to the girl and catches her when the fire disappeared, her eyes became normal and she fell forward. I looked at the girl. That wasn't her, which was their god. She had succeeded with something my highest priest never has: Been able to let a god talk through you.

I glared back at Rukia who was sitting on my bed.
"Why are you by the way?" I asked.
"Until the Hebrews has walked out from the town my duty is to keep an eye at you. Get used to it." She said with a smile and took a grape and placed it at her lips.
"Should you really eat that? We don't know what's eatable anymore." She took the grape in her mouth and chewed.
"Everything is. The insects were never in the food or so." I winched. Oh, so that was the deal. It was just to scare us.
"Well how nice…" I sighed. "I got tricked." She smiled.
"Yes, you got." I glared at her.


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Since summer 2011 (If I have counted right) have I been living with my father in Sundsvall! I lived with my mother before that in 15 years with my three sisters.
Now I'm a newbie cosplayer but I love to cosplay already! I also love to photograph nature and still life and ya, I love to make pictures when I cosplay. XD

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